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Safety Products

Concrete Safety Barrier Grabs

Concrete Product Grabs

Suitable for handling concrete safety barriers and for use with prefabricated concrete wall units, steps, kerb stones etc.
  • 3 tonne S.W.L.
  • 4 tonne S.W.L.

Fall Arrest/Recovery System

The recovery fall arrest device allows maximum freedom of movement across a large work area and is designed to provide protection from high falls.
  • Complete with tripod

Fall Arrestor

When anchored to the tripod this system forms a lightweight portable access and rescue system for a confined working space.
The recovery fall arrest device is designed to provide protection from falls from heights. It is possible to use this item as an emergency retrieval device. Should the recovery mechanism be disengaged while recovery is taking place, the arrest brake will engage, holding the worker suspended.
  • Safe working load 130kg
  • c/w 12 metres of steel rope

Light Fall Arrestor

This type of fall arrestor is lightweight but does not have the capability to recover personnel from a hole.
  • Complete with 10 or 20 metre wire rope
  • Fall indicator

Man Riding Winch System

Where it is necessary for a worker to be lowered or raised into a confined space over and over again, a man riding winch should be used. The operator can release the winding handle at any time and the load will be held suspended.
  • Complete with tripod
  • Complete with 30m wire rope

Safety Harnesses

All harnesses are manufactured from polyester webbing and fitted with plated drop forged steel attachments. Using quality materials and components gives the products maximum durability and reliability. Each harness is lightweight and comfortable and is fully adjustable to fit most sizes.

Single Point Harness -
Comes fitted with a single rear mounted 'D' clip and is suitable for fall arrest and general use.
Two Point Harness -
A full body harness with two attachment points. Both 'D' clips are suitable for fall arrest. The front 'D' clip may be used for evacuation, industrial abseiling or attachment to rail or rope systems.
Three Point Harness -
A full body multi-purpose three point harness. The rear 'D' clip is suitable for fall arrest. The front attachment point is designed for attachments of vertical or horizontal rail and rope systems.

Safety Harnesses

Work Positioning Belt -
Designed complete with comfort pad for lumbar support, it has 2 'D' connectors for work positioning and is available with or without gear loops.
Rescue Harness -
A full body dual purpose harness. The dorsal (rear 'D') and front 'D' attachment points are suitable for fall arrest. The overhead attachment point (rescue strop) gives a near vertical suspension, suitable for the evacuation of the user from a confined space with limited access.


Auto Reel Fall Arrest Lanyard -(2.5m)
A small fall arrestor device which is lightweight and particularly suitable for applications where maximum mobility is required. Being of lightweight construction this item is easily carried by the user and can be located and secured at the most appropriate anchorage without difficulty. This equipment has a built in shock absorption device and a self retracting mechanism to remove excess slack in the webbing.
Standard Lanyard (1.8m) -
Shock absorbing lanyards are designed as personal protective equipment to connect a safety harness to an anchorage point. The lanyards have a built in shock absorber which minimises the arrest force on the user. Supplied as 1.8m length and comes with karabiner fitting both ends.


Twin Tailed Lanyard (1.8m) -
Manufactured with a single karabiner fitting for connection to a harness and two lanyard tails each fitted with a scaffold hook. This combination allows one connection to remain attached at all times giving the user complete security and freedom of movement. Particularly useful where the operative is frequently required to move position.
Restraint Lanyard -
A simple webbing restraint lanyard. Comes with karabiner at each end which is suitable for use when working below a height of 5 metres. A typical application would be for use with access or forklift work platforms. Should be used to connect the operative's harness to a suitable anchorage point.

Height Safety Kits

Access Kit

1 - Suitable for use above 5 metres, single point harness, 1.8m shock absorber lanyard with karabiner and kit bag for safe storage.

2 - Suitable for use below 5 metres, single point harness, 1.3m restraint lanyard with karabiner and kit bag for safe storage

Scaffold Kit

Suitable for use at any height, single point harness, retracting 2.5m autoreel lanyard, scaffold hook and kit bag for safe storage.

Roof Man Anchor

The Roof Man Anchor is designed to provide short term safety where guardrails are not provided for low frequency operations. Ideal for operations to flat roofs or to plant and equipment installed at roof level.
  • Suitable for roofs to a maximum slope of 15?
  • Must be used in conjunction with a fall arrest system

Gas Safety Equipment

The Gas Monitor is a smart and versatile multigas detection device. Used to monitor ambient air or to detect toxic and explosive gases. Also used to detect oxygen deficiency or enrichment.

Breathing Apparatus

Specifically developed for the professional. Advanced breathing apparatus ideal for safety use within the construction industry.

Further details on request.

Mars Resuscitator

The Sabre MARS is a portable manual and automatic resuscitator. With a professional choice of red, blue or yellow barrel bag. MARS achieve the perfect combination of size and function. Suitable for children and adults. 3 selectable tidal volume/patient settings for automatic mode. Demand valve delivers 100% oxygen upon inspiritory phase, shutting down the automatic breathing programme. Features automatic breathing sensor, of zero flow, the cycle will resume within 4-6 seconds. Patient valve alarm will sound if the pressure in the airway reaches 45cm3 O2.

Girder Clamp

Can be used to secure chain blocks and fall arrestors. Fits to most steel beams or columns.
  • Safe working load 3 tonnes
  • Jaw opening width 100mm - 270mm

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