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Materials Handling

Concrete Safety Barrier Grabs

Concrete Product Grabs

Suitable for handling concrete safety barriers and for use with prefabricated concrete wall units, steps, kerb stones etc.
  • 3 tonne S.W.L.
  • 4 tonne S.W.L.


Manhole Ring Suspension Clamps

For transporting manhole rings and cones with an adjustable clamping range.

Mechanical Pipe Hooks

Specifically made to improve safety when handling and positioning pipes. Fitted with safety chain.
  • 1 tonne S.W.L.
  • 3 tonne S.W.L.

ID of Pipe mm No. of clamps Opening width of jaws mm Max Capacity kg Weight kg
400-2000 3 40-120 1500 30
400-2000 3 50-180 3000 53

Bomac Rail Crossing Lifter

This lifting appliance is primarily used for lifting rail level crossing panels.

Mechanical Pipe Grabs

These are purpose designed for lifting and laying all types of water/sewer pipes and can lift pipes from 75mm up to 1250mm diameter.
  • 1 tonne S.W.L.
  • 1.5 tonne S.W.L.
  • 3 tonne S.W.L.

Hydraulic Pallet Forks (Trucks)

This equipment allows easy movement of palleted materials on hard surfaces such as concrete or pavings.
  • Different fork lengths available

Kerb & Lifting Equipment 610A

Adjustable height for double/single layer kerbs and single block packs.

Kerb & Lifting Equipment ET10-38/700 & 203

Smaller packs, single kerb stones and similar.

Kerb & Lifting Equipment 2468

Single kerb lifter designed to lift kerbs length ways.

Kerb & Lifting Equipment 2469

Single kerb lifter designed to lift kerbs width ways

We stock a large range of mechanical lifting appliances for handling kerbs, copings, slabs, flags & paving stones etc.

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