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Crane Skips

Master Flow Skips (hand levered)

The Master Flow Skip can be used for bottom discharge operations. By lowering the attached chute it can be used as a side discharge skip.
  • 250 litres
  • 500 litres
  • 750 litres
  • 1000 litres

Geared Master Flow

Similiar to the Master Flow Skip but has the advantage of having a gear operated shutter. This gives the operative more precise control over the speed of the concrete being discharged.
  • 500 litre
  • 750 litres
  • 1000 litres
  • 1000 litres
  • 1500 litres
  • 2000 litres

Coneflow Skips (LR/ZL) Hand Levered

The Coneflow Skip is a general purpose skip and has a small shutter opening and low loading height. When the skip is in use it will hang at an angle of between 30-40 degrees which is useful for pouring in areas with difficult access.
The use of a drop chain is recommended.
The use of mould oil is also recommended.
  • 500 litres Hand Lever operated
  • 750 litres Hand Lever operated
  • 1000 litres Hand Lever operated

Geared Rollover Skips (LR/ZL)

The skip can be used for many general application and it is especially useful when low loading aperture is required. Can be used in any situation where the access is tight.

This skip gives the operative more control over the speed of concrete being discharged.
  • 500 litres
  • 750 litres
  • 1000 litres
  • 1500 litres
  • 2000 litres

LR/Multi Funnel Outlet Skips (size 200mm)

  • 500 litres - Rope operated
  • 750 litres - Rope operated
  • 1000 litres - Rope operated
  • 1500 litres - Rope operated
  • 2000 litres - Rope operated

Delivery hose available (200mm) SALE ONLY
Single drop chain available

Circular Muck Tipping Skips

Normally used for general rubbish clearance and muck removal. The skip becomes self tipping once the bale support fingers are disengaged. All skips are normally fitted with additional security locking pins to the bale support fingers.

The skip must be full to operate.
  • 80 litres
  • 100 litres
  • 150 litres
  • 200 litres
  • 500 litres
  • 750 litres
  • 1000 litres
  • 1500 litres
  • 2000 litres

Rubber Mortar Trug

A versatile bucket for carrying mortar and debris

Man Riding Column Skip

This skip is designed for use when pouring columns, the skip has a built in platform with all the necessary safety requirements which allows the operatives to be raised with the skip to directly control the concrete being poured. This skip has a gear controlled shutter which aids the flow of the concrete.

A four legged chain is required to lift the skip which can be provided if required.
The use of safety harnesses when using the equipment is mandatory.

Boat Skips

Boat Skips are used for general site clearance. The main advanatage of this type of skip is the comparatively low loading height compared with a standard muck skip.

The lifting bale automatically locks when lifted, enabling the crane driver to move and tip the skip on his own. Bale support fingers are only engaged when the bale is disconnected from the crane. The use of mould oil is also recommended.
  • 250 litres
  • 500 litres
  • 750 litres
  • 1000 litres
  • 1500 litres
  • 2000 litres
  • 3000 litres
  • 4000 litres
  • Larger skips can be made to suit your needs
Where suitable the use of a drop chain is recommended.

Concrete Groove Filler Barrow

The mobile Concrete Groove Filler Barrow can transport up to 200/250 litres of concrete from a swinging conical chute to fill joints between pre-cast panels. Only requires one person to oeprate.

Complete alignment is achieved by a third wheel. A hand-controlled gate flap allows the concrete mix to be percisely positioned.
  • 200 litres continual discharge
  • 250 litres side discharge

350 litre Steel Galvanised Mortar Skip

  • Mortar skip 350 litres Steel (galvanised)
Suitable for crane or forkilift usage.

250 litre Cranable Plastic Mortar Skip

  • Mortar Skip 250 litres Plastic
Suitable for crane or forklift usage.

250 litre Plastic Forklift Mortar Skip

  • Mortar Skip 250 litres Plastic
  • 4 leg chain set also available
Suitable for crain or forklift usage.

Manitou Re-Handling Bucket

Available in 500ltr, 750ltr and 1000ltr capacity.

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