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Crane Accessories Top

Self Levelling Crane Forks(Twin hydraulic rams)

  • Multi-purpose Crane Forks c/w safety net - 1.5 tonne and 2 tonne S.W.L.

For use with lifting appliances for the safe transportation of prewrapped or palleted bricks/blocks. Adjustable forks to suit pack of pallet opening.

Fitted with twin hydraulic dampers to ensure automatic adjustment to compensate for different weights carried. This will also ensure the crane forks stay level when empty or full. Mountings are fitted front and back to allow attachment of a mandatory safety net.
Available for Sale.

Man Cages

A man cage is the safest method of transporting personnel to or from high or low level work areas. To allow work to be safely carried out all cages are supplied panelled to half height. For the attachment of safety lines, 8 points are provided.

All personnel crane cages have fork bases for ease of transportation around site.
The use of safety harness and lanyards are mandatory.
  • 1 man 230kg S.W.L.
  • 2 man 500kg S.W.L.
  • 4 man 750kg S.W.L.
  • 8 man 1000kg S.W.L.

Goods Carrying Cages

  • 4 point lifting lugs fitted to suit chain brothers
  • All goods cages come with "4D" shackles and fork boxes.
  • 3 tonne lifting capacity.

Stretcher Cage

This equipment is designed as a safe, secure method for transporting injured personnel who are immobilised along with an attendant. Can be used for any high structure or deep excavation.
A single half height entry/exit up and over door is located in one end of the cage with the mesh infill to all sides up to a height of 1200mm.
All stretcher cages come with fork bases for ease of transportation around site.

Maximum Load

2 persons/300kg

All crane accessories are C.E. certified with the relevant testing and examination documentation.

Goods Carrying Cage

A safe, convenient method of transporting materials to or from high or low level. Sturdy construction with removable front panel for easy loading and 1m high full mesh for security. Fitted with four fully tested lifting lugs. Fork pockets are fitted as standard on all cages.
Not for transporting site personnel.

Cage size
W x D

1250mm x 2500mm
1250mm x 1250mm

Board/Pallet Forks

Designed primarily for the safe lifting of plasterboard and composite boards, however the Board Forks will handle any similar product. The 1600kg SWL will be sufficient for a full load of plasterboard.

These forks will lift horizontally or vertically.
  • 1600kg S.W.L.

Gas Bottle Carrier

A safe method of transporting gas bottles on site. This equipment comes with top mounted fork channels with a crane lifting eye.
  • 250kg S.W.L. (will carry 2 bottles)
  • 500kg S.W.L. (will carry 4-8 bottles)

All crane sccessories are C.E. certified with the relevant testing and examination documentation.


This stretcher cage is designed for a safe method of transporting immobilised/injured personnel from any deep excavation.

Skip Lifting Cradle

A safe method of lifting builder's skips. Skips are lifted from the base rather than the skip standard filling lugs.
  • Builders Skip Lifting Cradle - 12 tone S.W.L.

Excavator/Crane Mats Top

Excavator/Crane Mats

Excavator/Crane Mats are used to provide access for both rubber and tracked vehicles to areas with difficult ground condtions. They are also used to reduce axle weight pressures and reduce the risk of damage where access is required over underground services.
This type of mat is suitable for most types of rubber tyred or tracked vehicle. Dependent on ground condtitions, as a general guide, this type of mat can be used to support evenly distributed weights of up to several hundred tonnes.
This type of mat is suitable for use with most rubber tyred and lightweight tracked vehicles. Dependent on ground conditions, as a general guide, this type of mat can be used to support evenly distributed weights of up to 60 tonnes.

Size L x W x D

5m x 1.0m x 150mm

Size L x W x D

3.5m x 1.0m x 70mm

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