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Brick & Block Handling

Brick/Block and Product Grabs

For easy transportation of various bulk packed materials such as bricks, slabs, blocks, kerb stones etc.

(Now extra height units)
  • Block Grabs c/w Safety Net - 1.5 tonne S.W.L
  • Block Grab Fork Lift Adaptor - 2 tonnes S.W.L
All Packs should be strapped or shrink wrapped.
Loose or split packs should not be lifted.
The use of safety nets are mandatory

Block Grab Forklift Adaptor (Self locating yoke)

Replace the lifting eye on a product grab, fits over the forks and is positioned in the centre of the fork loading point.
  • Safe working load 2000kg-5000kg
  • It is secured to forks with heel pins & chains to fork carriage

Pallet Cart

For the transport of palletised products on building sites.
  • Large rubber wheels for easy movement
  • Can be slowed down on slopes
  • Pallet is lifted by means of a hydraulic jack

Block Barrow

Made to transport all types of bricks/blocks, loose or bound, with minimum effort. The load can be picked, without the need for an extra ramp, from the ground or direct from a pallet.

To avoid overloading the clamp mechanism, there is built in protection and the clamping width can be adjusted without the need for any special tools.
  • Multi-purpose Brick/Block Barrow

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