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Fully Bunded Static Fuel Tanks

Free standing made for static use. Comes with hose, trigger nozzle and sight tube to display contents.

Totally enclosed main tank with fully bunded outer. Delivery hose and filler point both accessed from lockable enclosure.
  • 250 gallon
  • 550 gallon

Drinking Water

All processed with chlorine tablets to ensure cleanliness when bowsers are returned.
  • 110ltr Mini Bowser
  • 250 gallon
  • 500 gallon
All bowsers are fitted with hand pumps

Bunded Galvanised Drum Pallets

These can be from single drum to 8 drum capacity, they are stackable and can be moved by forklift. Capacity 110% of a drum.

Drum holders also come stackable with rollers.

Water/Fuel Bowsers

50mm diameter towing eye for connection to any pin type coupling, all steel construction. For ease the standard site model is fitted with heavy duty tyres but without suspension or brakes.
  • 250 gallon Bowser Water Fast Tow c/w diesel pressure washer
  • 250 gallon c/w Sprinkler Bars
  • 500 gallon c/w Sprinkler Bars
  • 110ltr Mini Bunded Fuel Bowser
  • Fully Bundled Fuel 250 gallon
  • Fully Bundled Fuel 500 gallon

Bunded Mobile Liquid Dispenser

A moulded, heavy duty polythene container to carry around liquids. The water dispenser is invaluable for topping up empty washer/coolant tanks or indoor plant watering etc.

The diesel dispenser is ideal for refuelling small diesel engines.

Cold Water Pressure Washer Bowser

Providing the ideal solution for anyone requiring a dedicated Bowser Washer
  • Diesel & Petrol

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